Collaboration With Other Law Firms

Vatsala Dhananjay & Co. is keen on undertaking projects on joint collaboration with other law firms both in India and out of the country including small legal K.P.O. (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) boutique projects of high quality. The firm can informally assist foreign law firms interested in operations in India.

We provide the required domain knowledge in all matters of real estate law in Bangalore and Karnataka. Our competence extends to obtaining required documents, procuring permissions from the single window agency for starting a township/ tech park, S.E.Z., obtaining conversion of land and B.M.R.D.A., B.I.A.A.P.A, B.D.A., B.B.M.P. Plan sanctions etc.

Vatsala Dhananjay & Co. is also keen on extending its library and electronic data base resources to other law firms on a mutually beneficial basis